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I'm becoming more and more unsure of scans_daily in its current form. [personal profile] shanejayell and [personal profile] aaron_bourque  have both been banned from scans_daily for rather minor reasons. Shane due to his feelings that SD has become too liberal to changing its rules without community consent. Aaron was essentially banned for supposed "mansplaining " concerning the Voodoo book of the DC new 52 as well as an odd note from the mods concerning Aaron mentioning a character looked transsexual. Oddly some at SD instantly took this to be a negative comment against transsexuals when the idea Aaron was trying to point out was that the character did indeed look both masculine and feminine (odd for the character but not a condemnation that being transsexual is automatically bad somehow).

I've had my own brushes with the mods of SD in the past due to them being hyper politically correct and this is something that'll only get worse in the future I'd say. And as near as I can tell both of the above bannings jumped the community rules of giving strikes to let the member know where they stood (though it could've been done via PM)

It's just become clearer and clearer the mods are willing to listen but not if their will is challenged and their arbitrariness is pointed out. Of course it's probably an impossible task I guess. The only real positive solution would be for the mods to open up the position of mod to a democratic vote (well that or decisions as a whole) and for that to happen they'd go up to the possibility of not being voted for and excluded from decision making, making it unlikely and impossible for them to be willing to.


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